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Eyelash Extensions

Using Silk or Mink extensions, natural lashes are individually isolated and then the extension is applied using cosmetic grade adhesive. The result of this procedure is longer fuller lashes. Clients can choose between a natural look or something more dramatic. The options are endless!


Eyelash Extension Full Set

1 hr 30 mins.

Individual silk eyelash extensions applied to each healthy natural lash. No clumping or cluster lashes. 1:1 



Eyelash Lift and Tint

1 hr 15 mins.

The traditional way to Perm lashes consisted of a rod and resulted in uneven curls. The lash lift is different, we use a silicone pad to curl the lashes and then tint them. The silicone pad allows a more controlled result. Curling your natural lashes and tinting them so they appear longer and darker. a more natural look then eyelash extensions, and can uphold your daily activities. This service lasts 6 to 8 weeks. Please arrive without eye makeup. Allow 24 hours to cure, no water or makeup on lashes. 



ReLash Service

1 hr

2 to 3 week eyelash extension touch up. Please note that Lashed will not touch up lashes from another studio, you will need to book a removal and full lash appointment. 


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